Can I Fit a Dash Cam Myself?

Dash cams quickly become must be owned in any vehicle. It was installed on the windshield and watched the road ahead, storing a video on the memory card immediately if the collision was detected. Drive recorder can be installed in two ways. Installing an automobile cigarette lighter dashcam 12V car is the simplest option, but using a hardwire kit is the cleanest.

  • Placing a cigarette lighter in its place
  • Hardwired installation

There are three alternatives here in general. One of them is powered by a camera default battery. It’s okay for a short trip, but the battery doesn’t last long, and you are bored because you have to bring the camera inside to charge every time you travel.

Use a USB Port to Connect

Connecting the camera to your car cigarette lighter or a USB port with the cable provided is an alternative that is preferred. The first requires sufficient power to operate the camera, but the performance of the USB port in the dash cam installation cost is different from the vehicle to the vehicle.

If the two work, deciding which cleaning installation is not always easy. Camera wire to a cigarette lighter or a USB port under the middle console or a hanging hand.

Dash Cam

The ideal approach is to connect the dash cam so that it receives stable power from the car battery through the fuse box. The power connection can be hidden under the dashboard and car interior panel and will turn on when the ignition is turned on. This option also implies that when you park and turn off your car, the dashcam in parking mode will function. Install the dashcam with an internal battery first.

As stated earlier, using the default battery slot gacor gampang menang is mostly a short-distance solution. When coming to equipment that can gather critical evidence in the event of an accident, you should not rely on this.

Batteries with a very short life span. The default battery, on the other hand, is the cleanest and most comfortable solution for shopping. Just put the camera in the slot and activate and die.

A dash Cam must be moved into the fuse box.

Use Hardwiring to Connect

To start, place the camera right in the place you want. This should be as close as possible to the middle rearview mirror, giving a good road view camera in front but keeping away from the reach of your vision. Keep in mind that there are limits on where the camera and bocoran rtp live hari ini other equipment can be installed on the windshield.

The cable must then be tucked between the windshield and the roof layer, and then down the pillar side. The space between the panel that covers the pillar and the dashboard varies greatly depending on the brand and model of your car, but in many cases, there is only enough space to accommodate the cable between the panels that cover the pillar and the dashboard.

In many cars, after you reach the passenger footwell, you will approach the fuse box. This is often found in or under the gloves box, or behind a plastic plate that can be removed on the left or right foot.


This is how to set your dash cam. Now you have to find a fuse that is “hot to start” rather than “always hot,” that is, which is supported when the ignition key is turned on. Electricity will not turn on if the ignition is turned off. The camera will dry until the car battery is connected to the last one.

You can now use a circuit examiner to determine which fuse socket should be connected by your camera, or look for a lighter fuse in your vehicle manual. Remove it with a pillar and then connect it to the Dashcam hardwire installation kit. Then put it back into the fuse box to give power to the lighter and cameras from the same outlet.

The next step is to land the dash cam by connecting the other end of the wire to the chassis or metal body of the car.

Look for nuts and bolts that stick directly to the metal body (usually near the fuse box), remove the bolt, hook the ground to the nut, then tighten the bolt again.

Finally, activate the ignition to see if the camera is on slot dana terbaik and dies properly, then turn it off. If everything looks good, clean the surplus cable with a zip tie, tuck it to another table near the fuse box, and re-connect the released plastic panel.

This may seem to intimidate some readers, but if the car fuse box is easily found (and can be accessed without causing damage), the whole process should not be more than 30 minutes. This will not take long.

Suction cup mounts and dash cams must be placed where the road is the most visible. To hide the cable, push it neatly to the top and side of the windshield. There is a small gap between the headliner and the windshield in almost every vehicle. Find a fuse box. Usually found inside or under the glove compartment.

Remove the existing fuse (usually a lighter fuse cigarette) and place a special socket in the fuse box immediately. With “piggyback,” long fuses are only connected to a new connection. Use metal screws/bolts in direct contact to connect the ground cable to the chassis.

Hard cables only take 20 minutes, which is very comfortable. This is very useful if you want to hide the cable by opening the existing car power plug. This is also useful if you want to continue to record unlimited dash cam.

The Benefits of Installing a Dash Cam include:

  • The cable is well buried and almost invisible.
  • You will never be without a match because you will always be connected.
  • Let the cigarette lighter be used for other purposes. The phone is being charged.

Dashcam wiring has a number of weaknesses

  • Installation takes longer (about 20 minutes)
  • Hardwiring may need specialist help.