4 Of The Best Allen TX Restaurants That You Might Want to Consider

While The Cheesecake Factory sits at #2 on the list of the best restaurants in Allen TX, there are still quite a few non-chain restaurants to choose from. In fact, this article is going to discuss four rather unique places to eat in the city of Allen. With over 200 restaurants, you are not limited as to your choices. You just need to know which unique dining establishments make for great stops as you have your fun in Allen, Texas.

In terms of the best restaurants in Allen, it’s easy to get started with the #1 spot. It’s a unique restaurant that serves up authentic Mexican cuisine, and you can find this establishment on Butler Drive. It’s called La Finca Chiquita. Soft tacos, sopapillas and bean soup are three of the menu items that people talk about most in the reviews. This restaurant is small and delightful, a charming place to stop by for a meal.

I have reviewed restaurants in Allen TX previously, and now I am picking from the best of the bunch. Another top place to stop by and grab some grub is Black Walnut Cafe. This cafe is on Stacy Road, and the desserts are awesome there according to reviews. One of the best desserts is a hummingbird cake, which people say is kind of like carrot cake. You’re going to find all kinds of good eats there, and it’s a great place to stop by for lunch.

This next place is typically crowded, so you want to keep that in mind. It’s called the Village Burger Bar, and it’s certainly a local favorite. They have sweet potato fries there, and you know you’re going to find a delicious burger when you stop by. What’s more is the prices at this restaurant are said to be very affordable.

I have to mention a barbecue restaurant before this short list of the four best restaurants in Allen TX is complete. Since this is restaurant #4, I’m going to a barbecue place called Big Ray’s BBQ. This Main Street dining establishment is very popular, and reviews point to the fact that you get to enjoy an authentic Texas-style barbecue when you stop by.

That’s a recap of the four best Allen TX restaurants. Each of these I have reviewed before, but I wanted to pick the best four and provide you with more information. Think about what foods you are craving, and then you can make your way to one of these top dining establishments.